VAF Soundwall Featured on The Block

VAF Research is known to many as one of the most recognizable name in high fidelity in Australia and recently the company was featured on an episode of “The Block” with contestants Kyal and Kara, who installed a soundwall by the company.

VAF research
The Block is Australia’s renovation reality show where couple contestants compete over a period of 12 weeks to renovate a property and then sell it for the highest margin. Now in its 10th season, an average of 4.3 million fans are glued to their sets every week to see what kind of innovative ideas the couples can bring to the table to try to take home the top cash prize award.

Kyal and Kara’s soundwall is a product that VAF Research has had on offer for some time now. The Adelaide based company says that even though its time on the market is not recent, the technology that is used to create it is still up to date and one of the top products for this purpose available to builders. The modular system has the capacity to replicate any music or movie sound from any kind of stereo, high fidelity, home theatre or personal streaming tool. The system is not only extremely attractive with a fine design aesthetic, but it can also go a long way in improving the acoustics of the room.

The unit consists of a couple of different module types – one is an acoustic treatment module and the other is a speaker module and an acoustic treatment module – and both measure 600mm in a square, narrow format. The speaker module can reproduce the calibre of sound that is equivalent to top of the line speakers and will not demand the need for additional components such as a subwoofer if one is playing regular music.

Generally, it is recognized that in most rooms, where the walls are your expected hard flat surface, the acoustics can frequently be less than optimal. With the soundwall, sounds are absorbed and then redistributed into the room to truly enhance the quality of the acoustics. Because it is modular, owners can alter the components and the look to adhere to what they want and it is available in colours that can be produced through the use of a pantone chip or other digital image.

The specs will impress the pickiest sound aficionados with a frequency response that will ranger from 37Hz to 30 Hz, setting the stage for it to be used for both movie and music playback. If you want to add a subwoofer, this is possible to enhance the lower frequency levels.

The inclusion of the soundwall on television will work well to promote the product, particularly since Kyal and Kara appear to be rather delighted by the addition of this to the home that they are renovating. No doubt, it will have a great impact on the price of it.

The couple states that they have always loved the VAF Soundwall and were very much hoping to get the opportunity to introduce it into their design on The Block. It is especially advantageous that it is a product native to Australia but with a world market. The choices of configuration, colour and size are real selling points for the product and Kyal and Kara say that the installation was quite convenient. The VAF staff was hugely supportive and they are quite happy with the resultant sound quality that it helps them to achieve.

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