Sync by 50 Headphones

One would really hope that these flashy headphones sound a lot better than they look. Encased in a plastic cover with tinny looking metallic trim and available in white or black, the aqua accents and cheesy materials make them seem like they are a bit cheap. It would really have served the company better to make them a bit more slick looking without the razzle dazzle considering the price point. The phones have a stylized status indicator embedded in the ear pad on both sides that light up and flashes in blue when the phones are in use. If you’re not particularly feeling the disco vibe, you can put them in airplane mode to shut down the bling. The thin plastic materials that hold it together feel somewhat flimsy and given the size of the ear cups, you might feel that they won’t withstand use while exercising or running, as they tend to sway somewhat when they are not positioned exactly right.


Though the headphones are fairly large, they aren’t really that heavy, and they’re actually fairly comfortable. The foam pads on the ear pads and soft and have enough give not to create discomfort and the band seems to conform easily to the shape of the head, curving in the exact right way to fit nicely. These can each be adjusted with an extension of an inch on either side so if you’ve got a big noggin, you’ll still be alright. As mentioned earlier, the band has perhaps a bit too much give which works well for the comfort and it does provide enough of a seal to keep out external noises but it doesn’t feel like it would be entirely supported in a more active situation. They might, in fact, even stretch out over time and that would really impact the longevity and create a sound leakage issue as well.

Frequently with wireless headphones, one can experience static interruptions when crossing paths with others on the same channel but his doesn’t tend to happen with the Sync by 50 set. The sound is very reliable and much more robust and clear than you generally find on wireless headphones that run on Bluetooth technology.

If you compare them to other similar offerings on the market, they don’t fold in for compactible transport like the Beats by Dre headphones which make them a bit less convenient when you’re not wearing them. It also means that they don’t have any hinges which is makes for one less issue that can arise. You’ll also notice that when you’re flexing them there is a slight creating upon extension that might make one concerned about the durability, once again.

On the whole, Sync by 50 seem to be a bit more focused on the looking good than being durable and long lasting but the technological part seems to be a working feature, if you overlook the potential for sound leaks that could occur over time. Weighed up against the price point in the $400 range, however, they really don’t justify the cost.

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