Minx Xi

Take a funky, progressive device and give it perky, flirtatious name and you will have Cambridge’s Minx Xi, a personal electronic device that plays streaming music that has now arrived in Australia. Supplier, synergy Audio, has brought the latest must have item into the country and users will find it a dream to use and an entertainment blessing.

Mini xi

The Minx Xi will let owners store all of their favourite music in any way that you like and this is a device that doesn’t leave any of the latest music utilities out in the cold. The tool can play all kinds of files and your listening experience will be delivered at the utmost level of quality. With the brilliance of Cambridge Audio whizzes behind the development, Minx Xi opens up the world of music to users. The player will stream music via a tablet or a smart phone via Bluetooth connectivity provided the complimentary device is enabled. If users wish to play music files that are kept on their own home network, this can happen as well. Minx Xi is able to wirelessly access high resolution files that are stored on any computer, server or NAS drive. If you subscribe to a streaming internet service, this too will be accessible to users through your own favourites or feel free to look for new ones that are available as well. Add to that support mechanisms for BBC iPlayer Radio, Rhapsody and Pandora and there’s little you can’t do with Minx Xi.

The device will work for the casual commuter or someone who is much more serious about their music – the quality is sublime and the access is intuitive. It combines the best of all worlds. The tools will suit any member of the family with its simple interface that is easily compatible with android and Apple products. The Minx Xi is a one stop shoe for any choice of music input that will accommodate users. You no longer have to move files from one device to another as is the case with other devices as the Bluetooth and wireless connectivity give you an invisible line to all your libraries. You can even hook up game consoles to the inputs, use the USB ports or wire up devices via the analogue sockets. And the sound quality is superior.

Plug in and charge phone or tablets via the USB sockets or you can include a subwoofer – the flexibility of this tool far supersedes the expectations of the average user and knocks the competitors out of the market. The components are of top quality and with little distortion and prolonged power capacity; you can achieve excellent performance at even top volume. Quality details such as a Wolfson digital-analogue converter only enhances all sound sources.

The overall result is that the Minx Xi is one of more attractive and versatile audio systems that is being offered in the market right now but it also offers some of the highest quality sound. It doesn’t matter how you prefer to access your music, this device will deliver and will do it with a quality that will make you very happy.

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