GamuT Speaker Review

Gamut USAGamuT is a Danish high fidelity specialist that keeps a low profile, which is unfortunate because they put out some great products. They’re M’inentM3 are a great set of floor standing speakers worthy of even the most particular audiophiles.

The speakers are factory mounted so there is no need to try to figure that aspect out once they arrive and as well, this speaks well to the performance aspect. Having them arrived already affixed to their supports suggests that they will perform at the company’s highest tested standard.

The speakers are designed for both looks and performance, cleverly engineered with a cabinet of medium density fibreboard geared toward reducing superfluous sound waves on a foundation solid enough to negate vibrational movement. The drivers are coated to ensure reduced distortion through the increased behavioural control.

The speakers boast a 38mm tweeter with controlled dispersion through a conical waveguide and they have an exceptional crossover design incorporating in-house internal cables. These elements work well together to deliver the highest quality resolution with precisely integrated drivers, achieve best possible phase and frequency terms.

The speakers are not just sound machines – they’re also designed to an art quality standard that gives them an awesome visual appeal, finished in a choice of beautiful options – pick from the exquisite gloss Lava Red Burl finish, the Walnut or Figured Maple or the Satin Black. They are refined in all aspects to a high level of craftsmanship.

The attention to detail completely carries over into the quality of sound that is provided. The tonal quality is amazing with the frequencies balanced brilliantly, from the highs to the bass. Percussion booms and cymbals sparkle with no edgy sounds or unnecessary harshness. You can easily distinguish complex instrument coordination and the sonic texture delivered is rich and distinctive. The dual drives hit a seamless blend providing midrange efficiency tempered with fragility. They hit that delicate balance between power and sensitivity.

The proper placement will deliver the most definite stereo imaging and arranging them at a wider stance with an inward angle will work as a good option. Maintain a fair distance from rear and side walls to get the best results in accordance with the size of the area that you’re working with and the quality of the rest of your components. Once you get the proper angles, the end product will provide a multi layered sound that embraces the listener. Close your eyes and you’ll not be able to determine where the sound starts and you end – that speaks quite highly to the quality of not only the engineering but also the solid capacity of the speaker cabinets.

The dynamic performance can adapt seamlessly to a range of sound variations, defining intensity and changing levels with easy and fluidity. They can fill your room with crashing crescendos as easily as they can detect the subtleties of background whispers. The rhythmic delivery is brilliant and you’ll respond to percussion with a building excitement. These are speakers that can both inform and entertain.

Because of the standmount design, you’ll compromise some of the depth of the bass but you will gain articulation and this is much more consistent across various frequencies. If your room size conforms to a general standard home, these will be ideal and you’ll be amply impressed with the richness of the world of sound into which you’ve entered. Just make sure you have deep pockets as the GamuT M’inentM3 do come at a price.

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