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It hasn’t been easy for a long time to get free AU and VST plugins on the web, but users of Pro Tools are the most widespread professional U.S. DAW. Due to the exacting standards of Avid’s fewer plugins was written for Pro Tools proprietary TDM, AAX and RTAS formats and more protocol opens like VST. Fortunately those available are usually the very best. There are many who still are unfamiliar with tools such as these as noted on Wikipedia.

Even despite the barrier entry to writing code for Pro Tools, a healthy crop is still available in free toys and fools for the program. Here you are presented with a detailed and updated list of the most functional in free plugins available in AAX and RTAS. If you enjoy this type of thing, you may also appreciate the value in online. It is plug in’s like these that help create the incredible sounds that are evident throughout many of today’s pokies. One site that has created an interesting article pertaining to this is The article itself goes into detail on The impact of high definition sounds in pokies and how sounds have impacted the overall game experience

4Front Bass

4Front Bass is a single sound instrument without settings that offers timbre of bass guitar, available on VSTi for Windows. The memory and CPU usage is used by software developers as plug and play guitar module for bass guitars.

Elysia mpressor is an essential semi-parametric Basandall filter and a high octane take on hi-fi tone classic control. The filter – niveau is an excellent broad maker with changes in sweeping EQ and the sound is natural. A centre frequency is allowed by the unique filter that allows for simultaneously bass raise and lower tremble, below and above the point or even vice-versa. The EQ in practice leads to subtly new frequency with radically curves, without artifacts of some of traditional parametric. The niveau filter is extremely useful and this is a great free option.

Another entry is the Brainworx bx_cleansweep v2 from Plugin Alliance, this is an uncomplicated lo pass and high pass filter combo. It don’t do anything that cannot be done technically by the Pro Tools sound equaliser build in but instead if offers a useful unique joystick that offers easy control and encourages decisive strokes and it is a great creative tool. GUI is straightforward and allows for easy automation for filter effects that is time bases, like cleansweep and niveau that offers surprisingly useful sounds and reshaping with ease and elegance.

From OHM Force the Frohmage is a different variety filter. The free plugin has less in common with fairly EQ transparent plugins, already built to Pro Tools and a whole lot more with dramatic resonance filter. This is resonant low pass filter that is developed to allow for select cut off points by musical tone and by frequency and it offers MIDI control detailed. With this one it is easy to add distortion and each band can be delayed, making the Frohmage an inspiring and efficient mangler.

Another pretty straightforward is the DDMF ColourEQ, at 1st glance it might be hard to tell why this is a worthwhile download but with the flexibility or pro tools EQIII has found. That firstly it is not just another EQ, its custom made 4th order IIR filter sounds unlike any of the other EQ’s you have ever heard or come across. This one offers 5 bands of super peaking filters and there is 1 parameter in addition to traditional gain, frequency and width that influences the curve shape. It sounds fancy and it is recommended and totally worth a shot.

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