Building Your Own Tube Amp

Considering that Australia is a country whose population is merely a fraction of the other areas of the world, it is fortunate indeed that we are blessed with such a broad range in brand and product selection when it comes to almost any kind of audio product. This likely speaks to our deep lust for life and the significance of enjoying our world through the senses as much as it does to the industry for maintain a high level of distribution. With native brands such as Osborn, VAF Research, Redgum and many others, we certainly have much to be proud of in terms of quality within the audio industry.

Tube amp

Many people take it even once step further by engaging in experimentation between matching different products and turbo boosting some of the ones that purchase through technical tweaks that really make a difference if you know what you’re doing. That is likely how so many Aussie brands really made their mark – through individuals wanting to innovate and improve on quality thus building the reputation and selection that is currently available to consumers.

If you have a knack for electronics and you do want to take it a step further, there are options in Australia that can really help you to move a big deeper into the audio realm right here in Australia. In the gorgeous Blue Mountains in New South Wales, you will find Amp Camp Australia where do-it-yourself’ers can come together to get their hands dirty and put together some great pieces.

Amp Camp began to respond to an increased awareness that those with the right technical capacity and a relatively small budget could create something that would rival professional products. So Tube Sound Audio began to develop a workshop that would support the first time builder into creating a top level line tube amplifier for their personal use. It combined the love of the sound with the interest in the project.

When attending Amp Camp, the materials and tools that are necessary are all available to participants, based on the prescribed project. The workshop provided excellent tutelage and leadership and you can come equipped with only a rudimentary understanding of electronics and experience in manipulating them. All the necessary steps and instructions are delivered to you at the camp and everything that you need to complete the project is there for you. You can decide in advance which of the products you would like to build from a vast range of options that you can test to make your choice.

The flexibility of Amp Camp will accommodate your specific needs in terms of skills level and time commitment. The typical project run is about two days but some participants may choose to complete a project in less. Circuit board based pre-amps can be assembled in a single day if one has some experience with soldering and others may prefer to stretch their project out over the course of many months by investing only a few hours at a time.

Your completed project will identify you as the builder through personal badging which is a really nice perk. You can show your friends or your family or you can simply enjoy the quality of the sound that your system produces knowing that you were the one that constructed the internals. Amp Camp is worth checking out and you can find out more by visiting Tube Sound Audio to check out scheduling and registration fees.

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