Big Jambox Review

Bluetooth speakers that are priced at $299.99 better be awesome, even if they’re Jawbone seeing as their original speakers sell for about $199.99. And it appears that they really are amazing. They have carried over the features from the first generation and those really resonate at this new size. The Big Jawbone is covered in a perforated mesh with rubber bottoms to make them anti-slip as a protection measure.

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While it is much larger than the original, it’s still compact enough to be handheld and once it launches, a travel case will be available for compartments to house all of your accessories. The unit has a 3.5-mm analog input, includes a USB jack and a 360-degree built-in mic, 2.1 Buetooth 2.1, and EDR radio. It can easily download apps, respond to voice alerts and the DSP allows you to switch to 3 dimensional binaural LiveAudio listening which is really something to hear but you need to stay within ten feet of the Jambox to get the full experience. Although LiveAudio tends to reduce the overall volume of most tracks, you can always turn it off but it really is a great detail. Only some tracks are worthy of it and Jawbone maintains a good selection of playlists from Spotify, RDIO or MOG that can showcase the feature. Gaming with the Big Jambox can also be a real treat, adding a robust burst of sound to the experience, making it more real and more visceral, depending on the game.

Specs on the product say the battery should last up to 15 hours and the test lasted just over 13 hours which is not too far off. It’s easy to imagine it would reach that if you are not playing at maximum volume. The talk button on top tells you the status of the battery life in a human voice, when it drops to certain levels. Cute. iOS users users will see the battery life next to the Bluetooth indicator with an app and Android owners will need to download an app. It can manage 2 concurrent device connections and will remember up to 8 paired devices.

You might find it hard to believe that the Big Jambox is worth the asking price but it so many have come after it imitating its technology. Its primary competitor is the Sono Play3 which does have some pretty big sound. The only AirPlay speaker at this price point suffered fairly poor reviews. Out of all three, the Big Jambox definitely offers an overall balance when considering the design, sound, and portability factors. It is certainly an improvement over the smaller Jambox in terms of audio quality but it does lose some its portability due to the greater size.

With its beautiful, aesthetic design by Yves Behar design, the rich and full range of sound that came as quite a surprise from such a compact speaker, and the high quality of the product build, the purchase price seems quite appropriate and it really meets all the needs of audiophiles on the go.

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