A Day to Celebrate Record Stores

While it is the undisputable truth that music downloads are the future of music and they are certainly not going anywhere, it won’t ever provide the same experience as standing for hours in your favourite record store with your buddies, browsing through titles and talking about artists. And there are still many record stores out there where you can gather to do this. Our hope is that they’re not going anywhere either and to champion that, there is a day to celebrate the world of looking for music, browsing titles and listening to samples in that community rich environment. Record Store Day Australia is now in its sixth year and has been very well received in the years that it has existed previously.

Vinyl Record

This year, in Australia, the date has been set for April 19th, 2014. With vinyl sales still a viable market, it is worth visiting a record store to browse through the selection, speak to the staff about music news, and just chat with the other music lovers that are there enjoying the atmosphere.

George Papadopoulos who is the chairman of the Australian Music Retailers Association (AMRA), says that not everyone is aware that vinyl is making an enormous comeback and often ask him who buys it. He claims that most of the buyers are those that simply appreciate the quality of the sound. With the quality of the digital downloads often disappointing music lovers, purists are searching for the depth and richness that they can get from vinyl recordings. Papadopoulos says that vinyl sales are up 77 per cent in the last year and Record Store Day helps to drive those sales.

The AMRA organizes the day to keep people coming into the stores. Record Store Day in 2013 produced some of the highest numbers in terms of product sales in the history of the event and stores claimed that the day helped to create a great deal of attention around vinyl and the stores. Many claim that their sales were greater than those during the Christmas season and one store had the biggest Saturday in its 25 years of existence. The stores used a number of additional promotional tours to make the day a huge deal bringing in artists for autograph signings, special promotional deals and releases and music fans that attended were delighted by the event.

This year the plans are similar and stores will be engaging a number of the same promotions to draw in the big music fans to make this 6th annual Record Store Day special for everyone. The programs will be announced as to what will be scheduled as stores register to participate in the event and disclose the activities that are planned specific to their store. There will be competitions leading up to and at the event with some great prizes to be won.

This will be a great day of music, entertainment and general revelry for all. Record Store Day Australia has as much support as possible from all of the record companies and Australian artists in the industry who share the AMRA’s level of significance around this event and are delighted to support music stores.

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