Mobile Gaming on iPhones to Change

Mobile gaming for gamblers & video game players alike is about to change drastically. This will only be for Apple users but none the less this’ll effect millions of millions of people around the globe. Apple is rumored to be removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Instead of replacing it with another port, Apple will instead be using the lightning USB port to act as their headphone jack. This means that in order to player music via headphones through an iPhone 7 & up, it’ll be required that users own Apple based headphones.


This rumor has been long indicated since the iPhone 6, Apple two years ago purchased “Beats by Dre” for 3 Billion dollars. This allowed for Apple to own the most popular headphone on the market, in order to cash in on their purchase, they’ll be implanting this design into their iPhone & iPad devices. It’ll allow for a mark up in sales for Beats like it’s never seen before.

This doesn’t mean that regular Beats won’t be created, they’ll still be put into production and more than likely at a somewhat lower price. Forcing a market upon their customers is what Apple is famous for & every time their users fall for it, knowing all to well what their falling for. It’s the thought of owning something that is portrayed so thoroughly throughout the media that requires these customers to purchase these Apple products year after year.

Hopefully this’ll be the last straw for these fans and Apple will see a major decline in sales across the board.