Turtle Beach’s Reach $1 Billion in Sales

Turtle Beach’s have reached a landmark in sales for their video game headsets. As of December 17th, 2015, Turtle Beach Corporation has surpassed $1 Billion in lifetime global revenue sales. This is an astonishing feat to say the least as it was one ten years ago that they entered a saturated market only to quickly become an elite brand within video games. As of right now their new “Recon Headset Series” is the leading headphones for the Xbox One & PlayStation 4 consoles.

Turtle Beach

The company has even gone on to receive multiple awards from retail survey’s, video game companies and even video game developers. Their most recent award stands as winner of the “UK 2015 Annual Retail Survey Awards”, they’ve won this award now two years in a row. Turtle Beaches remain the best sold product in the United Kingdom for the last four years.

One of the best aspects about the brand is that unlike so many other elite brands, they offer products which range from low-mid to mid-high in price. Their minimum model is $40 while their elite models can cost up to $400 in some cases. It all depends on what the gamer wants with their headsets.

None the less this is a feat that most accessory companies never reach, let alone video game accessory companies. It’s suspected that within the next five years they’ll reach $2 Billion in sales with the ever-growing rise in popularity for the video game industry. This’ll eventually make Turtle Beach a house hold name throughout the globe.