Turtle Beach Recalls Xbox One Headset

Turtle Beach, one of the largest companies in the video game accessories industry has revealed that their having to call back hundreds to possibly thousands of Turtle Beaches purchased within the United States of America. The specific headset being recalled is the “XO FOUR Stealth Headset”, the reasoning their being recalled is due to a mold risk. The mold would grow within the headset itself and in return it’d cause for respiratory issues and various other problems.


There are dozens of different models of the XO Four Stealth Headset. The two models people need to be concerned about is the TBS-2320-03 if you’re located in the country of Canada and the TBS-2320-01 if you’re located in the United States of America. After figuring out the model number of your XO Four headset, then you’ll want to enter the serial number into the official recall website for Turtle Beaches. If your serial number is flagged than its best to ship it out freely to Turtle Beach in order to have the headset replaced, potentially life threatening issues could arise if those whom have an affected headset don’t.

The only thing that will upset gamers is that by participating in this recall and ensuring that no health problems arise thanks to these headsets, gamers won’t have their regular gaming headset for two to three weeks. It’s suspected that most gamers would rather go through the waiting period instead of having to go through a far longer period of time due to a serious of health problems.

Turtle Beach Inc. didn’t make any statements regarding this recall. This is the first time the company has ever done something such as this, it looks as if their trying to keep this piece of information quiet to the mass public.

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