Video Game Headphones Moving to New Market

Technology is ever expanding and it effects all industries around the globe. The video game headset market is no different, it seems that with the development on virtual reality tech these video game headphones are losing momentum. This information coming from USA Today, they noted that video games headphones are so common they can now be purchased at a dollar store.

Video Game Headphones

It was also noted that the reasoning for this is because virtual reality headsets are included with 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, that’s 4k Sound Quality, the very best there is. There are already multiple companies developing various models that’ll be compatible with an array of different platforms, the most common being the Oculus Rift. Sony is also making their own VR Headset called “Project Morpheus” and as is Microsoft, they’ve unfortunately kept information about their future headset under complete wraps.

This means that in the upcoming years companies such as MadCatz will no longer be able to remain in business unless they update their business model. That business model would have to be to create quality products for a more expensive price, these products would last far longer though. This would also apply to TurtleBeach and many other companies operating in this market. On the other hand this means a far more immersive, exciting and powerful video game experience for people to enjoy. This’ll surely send the video game industry into an era of prosperity that is has never seen before & those companies that update with the times will profit immensely.

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