Microsoft Adds Headset Port to Xbox One Controller

Microsoft is one of the largest companies to date, they provide everything needed in so many different entertainment realms. One of those realms would be video games and in order to provide a better experience for their users, Microsoft has announced that they’ve added a headset port into the Microsoft Controller. This new controller is now available through the brand new 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Model of the Xbox One.


This’ll change up the game for so many gamers as it means that whichever pair of headphones a player has lying around can now be used as a headset. This’ll in return create a far more active community on Xbox One in the upcoming year. Alongside this announcement it was also revealed that there’d be a series of custom new controllers being released in the upcoming months, these controllers acting as a memento to Microsoft & Xbox itself.

Already Xbox sales have risen since this new product has been released on the market. Since the nearly three years since both the Xbox One & PlayStation 4 have been released, only one month has the PlayStation 4 stood as the more profitable console. The recent announcements made by Microsoft are currently allowing them to hold their position as number one console on the market. PlayStations recent acquisition as main providers of Call of Duty could mean that Microsoft could lose that position in the fourth quarter of this year. None the less this’ll be a battle that’ll more than likely be won by Microsoft.

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