Video Game Headsets Making Major Changes

Video games as well as their headsets are about to embark on changes that even a decade ago would’ve never thought to be possible. Virtual reality is now becoming a reality within the video game world, dozens upon dozens of companies ranging from Sony to HTC are now designing Virtual Reality video game headsets. These changes are so rapid that Forbes Magazine states that by 2020 virtual reality will be a $21.8 billion industry worldwide.

Video Game Headsets

This means that something along the lines of the Matrix will be available in the consumer’s hands within the upcoming years. This isn’t a good thing though as it’ll only desensitize the youth and world that much more. Not to mention that those in these virtual worlds will be able to do things that they can’t in the real world and due to the intense realism of VR, analysts suspect that people who become obsessed with this future form of entertainment won’t be able to tell the difference between the real world and the fake one.

None the less this won’t stop these major companies from going out of their way to make these virtual reality headsets in hopes of making a mass amount of profit. The hope is that governments around the globe will ban these devices so that children and young adults don’t become desensitized to their surroundings and the world.
Project Morpheus, Sony VR and HTC VR are just some of the few headsets that’ll be making their way to the market within the upcoming years.

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