Oculus Rift Gaming Headset Releasing Early 2016

The Oculus Rift will be the first gaming headset, instead of the normal game audio headset those who enjoy video games will now be able to put on a virtual reality headset. This headset allows for those playing video games to be essentially in the game as moving your head in real life moves the game camera within the engine. Today is was announced at E3 2015 that this virtual reality headset will be making its way to the market in early 2016.

Oculus Rift

This came as a shock to so many people as it was believed that the Oculus Rift was still in its early stages of development but just as always the team behind this headset has surprised everyone with its announcement date. Though the specific day has yet to be revealed it’s amazing to know that the first steps into virtual reality will be within the consumers hand in the next eight months. As of right now it is confirmed that the Xbox One will support the Oculus Rift but it’s not confirmed in the Playstation 4 will support the Oculus Rift. The reasoning for this is because Sony is creating their own headset which will be compatible with all games on their console.

Unfortunately there hasn’t be any word as to how much this device will cost the consumer or what the foreseeable bad side effects of having television screens so close to the eye may be. We shall inform all of our viewers of those side effects and the cost of this device once it becomes apparent.

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