Turtle Beach Announces Exclusive Xbox One Headset

Turtle Beach

In a saturated market such as the video game industry there are dozens upon dozens of different gaming headsets that can be purchased at a local Best-Buy or Wal-Mart. There is only one name that tends to come to mind when thinking of gaming headsets & that’s Turtle Beach. Today Turtle Beach revealed their latest gaming headset exclusive to the Xbox One called “Elite 800X”.

These headphones are the most advanced created by Turtle Beach yet with Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound. The sound immersion of this headphone will allow for gun shots, spells and footsteps to be heard from more than two hundred feet away in game. Essentially allowing for the most realistic & beyond gaming experience. The volume controls, mic and more will all be built directly into the headphones. There’ll also be a Bluetooth connectivity feature in these headphones so that wireless charging can be a factor & so that these headphones may be used with mobile devices as well such as the PV Vita.

These headphones aren’t going to come cheap as the Turtle Beach Elite 800X is priced out at $300 per model. Though when purchasing these headphones buyers will also gain a TB Elite Membership, two years warranty and a number of freebies that local stores will be stocked up on. As always we will let you know of the release date for the Elite 800x gaming headset once the release date has been revealed to the market.

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