Sony To Cancel Production

Sony is considered to be one of the best electronic production companies in the world. Sony creates their lineup on laptops known as Vaio’s, phones known as the “Xperia’s”, they also have a line up of various high end televisions, Sony also owns the Playstation 4, a collection of major movie franchises and they also develop high end headphones. Unfortunately it seems that all but Sony Pictures & the Playstation 4 will be coming to a halt in the upcoming months. The reason for this is because Sony hasn’t been able to turn on a profit on these four different sectors in their company.


This is why Sony is ready to focus directly on the production of new exclusive video games and movie’s instead of designing these quality brands. In this generation people are making less money while consumer products rise in price, people are looking for a somewhat quality device that will last them up to twelve months for a cheaper price instead of purchasing a high end quality device that’ll last them for years to come for an experience price. Sony isn’t willing to give up what made them an incredible company in the first place.

Sony is going to make one final push with all of these products this year. If their unable to turn a profit which would suit their needs as a company then the lineup of these products will be put to an end. Those wishing to see Sony continue on as a major company across so many different products should purchase their brand when going to buy a new computer, cell phone, television or headphone set.

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