Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming is a company known by a large portion of those who play video games, the reason for that is because Astro Gaming makes the best headsets known for gamers. Their quality cannot be matched by the likes of Turtle Beaches or Phillips, of course you pay a premium cost of the Astro Gaming headsets but the quality in sound and the improvements it creates in your gaming is incredible.


When Astro released the A50 Headset everyone believed that they wouldn’t be able to top the quality of that headset with its incredible build. Today Astro Gaming revealed that A38 Bluetooth Headset, a device that has double the internals that its predecessor the A50 Headset had. You won’t have to worry about using a cord with this headset either as it is Bluetooth and has a far range for those of you with massive big screen TV’s.

There aren’t any reviews released on this headset as of right now. What we do know is that this device has a solid performance with great high-mids. The construction of this headset is built with a powerful plastic which is nearly impossible to break.

The noise cancelling technology built into this device allows for you to be immersed into an entirely different world and the Bluetooth capabilities are incredible for anyone looking for a device that can span far distances. Those wanting to purchase this device can do so by going down to their local electronic store and requesting for the Astro Gaming A38 Headset.

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