Philips Releases First Headphones

Philips, a large electronics company that creates everything from Televisions to Headphones has announced that their releasing the first pair of headphones that are compatible with the Apple Lightning Port on their more recent devices. This means that Philips is the first to release a pair of headphones that have a lightning port as the connected, it’ll allow for high resolution 24-Bit Audio. The device which is being called the Fidelio MSL Headphones also have a built in DAC and Amplifier. This will give outstanding sound to any song that you might be listening to.


Philips has beaten apple to the punch but it’s more than likely that when Apple released their own Lighting Port based headphones under the Dr. Dre brand they’ll sell a much larger amount than Philips will. Either way as of right now this is one of the best headphones you can purchase on the market for either your iPhone 5, iPad 4th Gen, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini or iPad 5th Gen.

These headphones will be available on the market sometime in December. This means that Apple still technically has time to release their own headphones before Philips does but as of right now there have been no rumors or any indication that Apple will be doing this in the near future. Either way we’ll keep you informed on what Apple plans to do with the future of Dr. Dre and their Lighting Port based headphones.

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