Turtle Beach Retains Number One Spot

Turtle Beach Systems has been having competition in the market thanks to Madcatz, Sony and other developers. Last year analysts were unsure is Turtle Beaches would be able to remain as the go to gaming Headset Company that they have been since 1970. This year at E3 Turtle Beach Systems showcased three new models which helped show the industry that they are here to stay and that they still provide the best audio experience for gamers. The three new headsets released this year includes Elite 800, Ear Force Stealth 500X and Ear Force Z60.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X

One model is designed for the Xbox One (Elite 800), one model is designed for the Playstation 4 (Ear Force Stealth 500X) and one model for the PC (Ear Force Z60). Regardless of how you play video games, purchasing one of these three devices will result in high sound quality.

There were many who tested out these new devices and insiders told us that the perfection of sound quality with each one of these devices is incredible. This year at E3 Turtle Beach Systems was able to confirm that their still providing the best sound experience for gamers, the result has been that they’ve had an increase of 30% in profits while Madcatz has had a decrease of 50% in profits.

The CEO of Turtle Beach Systems Juergen Stark said the following to journalists, “We know that some of our fans have lost faith in our ability to provide them with exceptional sound quality. We wanted to prove to those fans that we’re still number one and that they can count on Turtle Beach Systems to give them a high sound quality experience while their gaming. Just try out one of our new headsets and you will know that we still have what it takes to be the best in the industry.”

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