Queen Of The Pyramids Jackpot Taken, Punter Wins $219,765

Towards the end of this month there has been a large amount of progressive jackpots being triggered. This is a result of online gambling becoming more popular with each passing month. One of the latest progressive jackpots to be triggered was at “Queen of the Pyramids”, a video slot developed by Playtech. One lucky punter was able to win $219,765.

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Queen of the Pyramids has been able to remain as one of the more popular and famous video slots within the online gambling market. When this slot was first released it was believed to be one of the most innovative things to come from Playtech’s development team. This is now the 68th time that this progressive jackpot has been triggered though it has been a considerably long amount of time since the jackpot was last triggered out. Due to the extra amount of time since the jackpot was last triggered the amount of the jackpot was able to grow substantially. Normally this jackpot will pay out a total of $93,208. Playtech has congratulated this punter on their jackpot win and noted that this punter has yet to reveal a statement as to what they plan to do with the money. Playtech also noted that they hope the Queen of the Pyramids Jackpots is triggered on a more weekly basis.

Queen of the Pyramids is a Playtech developed slot designed around the time period of ancient Egyptians. You will come across various symbols that help create that theme such as the Eye of Ra, Jewels, A Sphinx and many more. The 5 reel, 10 payline slot gives players wilds, scatters and a bonus round. This slot also comes with a progressive jackpot and can be played at any casino that offers the Playtech software.

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