Betfair Marketing Efforts To Include Snapchat

Betfair, one of the more popular gambling firms in the United Kingdom Online Gambling Market announced that they will be using the popular social media platform “Snapchat” with a new promotion their offering. This comes as a surprise to most as Snapchat has never been used for online gambling before, if this promotion proves to be popular it could allow for a whole new way of advertising and promoting for online casino.

Snapchat logo

This promotion will work in a unique way. Players will first have to follow the official Snapchat account that Betfair uses, this will then allow for Betfair to send you a series of Snaps which will allow for you to do certain things like double your odds or earn cash grabs from the casino. You will just have to quickly screenshot the code for that bonus.

Those who haven’t used Snapchat before but are considering to use the social platform in order to receive this Betfair promotion should be aware that you can only view a Snapchat for ten seconds before it disappears. Depending on what kind of device you are using you will be able to screenshot the Snapchat, thus by allowing for you to read the promotion code without having to memorize it.

The marketing manager at Betfair, Mark Ody commented on their new approach to marketing their promotions saying: “Snapchat has been able to become one of the more popular social media platforms of the last two years. As it grows in popularity online gambling operators such as ourselves will be able to use this social media platform as a promotion tool, just as we have done with Facebook and Twitter. We hope that this new method allows for our gambling services to grow in popularity.”

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