Gambling Regulators In Spain Discuss Online Gambling

Direccion General Odenacion Del Juego, the Spanish Gambling Regulator announced that they will be meeting next Tuesday is order to discuss the potential of an online gambling industry within the borders of Spain. As of right now their only in talks to offer legalized online slots with the potential of table games and card games being legalized in the future.

Direccion General Odenacion Del Juego

The meeting will focus on discussing key time frames needed in order to implement these games, the technical requirements needed by the future operators and key procedures needed in order to license these games and the operators. This is an requirement for any country that wants to legalize online gambling as without these three key components, a regulated gambling industry could never be possible.

Spain has recently been in the news due to rapid movements their making with online gambling. Officials from the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy are now discussing the potential to have a cross country gambling industry. In order to do this each one of these countries has to discuss how player liquidity would be spread amongst the three of this. If Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy offer a cross country gambling industry it’ll bring in massive amounts of tax revenue who everyone involved.

The Director behind the Spanish Gambling Regulator, Fransceco Rhone made a statement saying:

“As of right now we are in the preliminary process for Spain’s future online gambling industry. I cannot say as to when everything will be finalized as it’ll take a great deal of time to get everything figured out.”

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